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ETHANOL USES: Alcoholic beverages; solvent in laboratory and industry (for resins, fats, fatty acids, oils, and hydrocarbons); extraction medium; antiseptic; sedative; manufacture of perfumes, pharmaceuticals (rubbing compounds, lotions, tonics, and colognes), denatured alcohol, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, ethyl acetate, ethylene, 2-ethylhexanol, nitrocellulose, ethyl chloride, ether, butadiene, ethylene dibromide, lacquers, plastics and plasticizers, cosmetics, rubber and rubber accelerators, aerosols,
aerosols, mouthwash products, soaps and cleaning preparations, polishes, dyes, adhesives, inks, preservatives, pesticides, and explosives; gasoline additive/substitute; elastomers; surface coatings; antifreeze; yeast growth medium; organic synthesis; in veterinary medicine as an antiseptic, to destroy nerve tissue and as a solvent and dehydrating agent.


CHEMICAL NAME :   Ethanol 
ALTERNATE CHEMICAL NAMES : absolute alcohol; anhydrous alcohol; dehydrated alcohol
ALTERNATE CHEMICAL NAMES : ethyl hydrate; ethyl hydroxide
MOLECULAR WEIGHT   :      46.07
MELTING POINT             :    -114.1° C
FLASH POINT    :  13° C
LD50      :10.6 g/kg (young rats), 7.06 g/kg (old rats) orally
Appearance: colourless liquid
Water solubility: miscible in all proportions
CAS No.: 64-17-5