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What is the rationale for the demerger of the R&D company? 
The R&D company will have projects in the areas of new molecule and novel drug delivery systems, projects that will earn intellectual property and revenues from international markets. The rationale for the demerger is to allow the right focus and resource commitment for long term projects that have a different timeframe to completion.
what are the current projects in NCE and NDDS research?
            The details of the current projects will be shared a month prior to the listing of the new company. The NDDS projects are on four platforms- CR/SR,  DPI, biodegradable membranes and targeted drug delivery. The NCE projects follow a therapeutic analogue based approach in areas of known biology.

How many factories are USFDA approved? How many factories are in the US? 
            Two API manufacturing factories in India, in Panoli and Ahmednagar, hold USFDA approval. Three dosage form plants in the US- Detroit (Caraco),  and plants at Bryan, Ohio and at Cranbury hold or will be shortly submitted for USFDA approval. One dosage form plant in India, in Halol, holds  USFDA approval, for tablets, injectables andnasal sprays. 

What is the breakdown by type ofbusiness? 
            We are predominantly a dosage form company, with 84% of sales from prescription products. APIs account for 16% of sales. Domestic formulations, the sale of speciality prescription brands in Indiaaccount for about 55% of sales. International markets are about 40% of sales. of this, the US generic business at Caraco is 22%.

 How many people work at Apollo Phaarmaceuticals API Manufacturers India Pvt.Ltd.? How many people are in marketing?  How many people are in research? 
             Across the group, including subsidiaries, over 5,000 people work atApollo Phaarmaceuticals API Manufacturers India Pvt.Ltd. About 500 people work in marketing and sales in India,  and 260 in international markets (other than the US). About 500 scientist work in research.

Whatare the company's capex plans?
            Typically Rs. 1,000 million are invested every year in capacity expansion at the current sites. This is in addition to the Rs. 2,000 million we invest annually, at 10-12% of turnover, in R&D.